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When I chose Dan to be my son's godfather, I knew he would be a good choice. Howerver, I had no idea how amazing his relationship with my son Julian would become, and how devoted Dan would be in that role!


Story telling is a big part of my parenting. Dan Took it to another level and started creating stories nearly everyday. Once that began, Julian only wanted original tales for story time. Each day would begin with, Surely you know the story of the little boy who fell through the hole in his sock, don't you?" Julian would protest, "That's not a real story!!", and Dan would have all day to come up with the story -- thus began the "Godfather Tales".


I hope your family gets as much joy out of them as ours did in creating them.


- Cathryn


Children's Book
Children's Book
The Blue Hair Club

ISBN - 0615859240

List Price: $19.95

The blue hair club is a compilation of three fun stories. a story of the boy with blue hair, the story of a boy who built a bridge out of carrots, and the story of how the sun came to be in the sky. originally crafted from a godfather to his beloved 6 year old godson, the tales will touch your heart and spark creativity!

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The Boy Who Fell Through The Hole in his Sock
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 6.38.49 PM.png
The Boy Who Swallowed His Car
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